Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Queen Anne's Men

Queen Anne's Men re-licensed -- April 15, 1609

Queen Anne's Men -- or, simply, The Queen's Men, came into being when James I was crowned in 1603. Its patron was Anne of Denmark, queen consort to James. The company was formed out of the personnel of two previous companies, Oxford's Men and Worcester's Men. [see F. E. Halliday, A Shakespeare Companion 1564–1964 pp. 535-6] Near the end of the reign of Elizabeth, the short-lived duopoly of the Lord Chamberlain's Men and the Admiral's Men was supplemented by a license (March 31, 1602) for Oxford's Men combined with Worcester's Men to play the Boars Head theater. Later that year they started playing at the Rose as well. The remnants of this combined troupe became the Jacobean-era Queen's Men. On April 15, 1609, the company was formally licensed. - RSB

1609, April 15.
Licence for Queen Anne's players (P. R. 7 Jac. 7, pt. 39).
also found in T. E. Tomlins, the Shakespeare Society's Papers, iv (1849)

D* con' licen lames by the grace of God &c' To all
Thome Greene lusticj Mayors Sheriff Baylieffy Constables et al headborrowes and other our Officers and lovinge Subiectj Greetinge knowe yee that wee of our especiall grace c'tayne knowledge and meere mocon have lycenced and aucthorised and by these p'senty doe lycence and aucthorize Thomas Greene Christofer Beeston Thomas haywood Richard Pirkyns Richard Pallant Thomas Swinn'ton lohn Duke Rofot lee lames haulte and Roftte Beeston Servant^ to our moste deerely beloved wiefe Queene Anne and the reste of theire Associatj to vse and ex'cise the arte and faculty of playinge Comedies Tragedies historyes Enterludj Morally Pastorally Stageplayes and suche other like as they have already studied or heareafter shall vse or studye aswell for the recreacon of our loving Subiectj as for our solace and pleasure when wee shall thinke good to see them during our pleasure. And the said Comedies Tragedies histories Ent'ludes Morallj Pastorallj Stageplayes and suche like to shewe and ex'cise publiquely and openly to theire beste comoditye aswell within theire nowe vsuall houses called the Redd Bull in Clarkenwell and the Curtayne in hallowell as alsoe within anye Towne hallj Mouthally and other convenient placy within the lifrtye and freedome of any other Citty vniu'sitye Towne or Boroughe whatsoever within our Realmes and Domynions willing and Comaundinge you and every of you as you tender our pleasure not only to pmitt and suffer them herein without any your letty hinderancy or molestacons during our said pleasure but alsoe to be aydinge assistinge vnto them yf anye wronge be to them offered and to allowe them suche former curtesies as hath byn given to men of theire place and qualitye and alsoe what favoure you shall shewe to them for our sake wee shall take kyndly at your hand$ Prouided alwaies and our will and pleasure is that all aucthoritye power priuiledgj and pfytty whatsoeu' belonginge and pply apptayninge to Master of Revelly in respecte of his Office and everye Cause Article or graunte contayned within the fres Patentj or Comission which have byn heretofore graunted or directed by the late Queene Elizabeth our deere Sister or by our selues to our welbeloued Servant Edmond Tylney Master of the Office of our said Revelly or to Sir George Bucke knighte or to eyther of them in possession or revercon shalbe remayne and abyde entyer and full in effecte force estate and v'tue as ample sorte as if this our Comission had never byn made In witnes wherof &c' witnes our selfe at westm the fifteenth daye of Aprill. p fore de priuato sigillo &c'/ ex


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